DMC Bookkeeping - Bookkeeping services in Central Scotland

We offer a range of services to sole-traders and small businesses within Central Scotland.

These can be as simple as looking at your records on a quarterly or yearly basis.   If you business is more complex or there are a large number of transactions taking place, then this can be arranged on a daily or weekly basis.

We offer:

  • Self-Assessment Registration
  • Self-Assessment Tax Return Completion
  • Bookkeeping for sole traders and small businesses
  • End of year accounts preparation for sole traders
  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Returns
  • Acting as an independent examiner for charities

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Why use a bookkeeper?

This is a common question that is asked.   Your purpose when in business is to earn money.   You must comply with HMRC regulations as well, such as keeping accurate records of your business.   If you are sitting around completing your records (as you should) then this is time that you are unable to work and earn money.  

So the reasons to use a bookkeeper are:

  • Your records will be updated accurately
  • Your records will be updated more quickly than you can do it yourself
  • It frees you up to be involved with your business, earning money

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